Level 1 English for Speakers of Other Languages

Teacher in Charge: Ms C. Butler

Course Overview

Term 1
Written language and grammar
Graded readers
Reading comprehension and vocabulary
Listening skills

US 30895 Demonstrate an Understanding of spoken instructions in a familiar context (EL)
US 30995 Read and Understand a straightforward text on a familiar topic (EL)

Term 2
Short story preparation for NCEA Level 1
Written language and grammar

US 27999 Write a simple text on a familiar topic (EL)

Term 3
Close viewing a film in preparation for NCEA credits
Written language

AS 90856 Show an understanding of visual and or oral text(s) through close viewing and/or listening using supporting

Term 4
US 31002 Six easy steps to revision


This leads onto 12 ESOL as well as providing a foundation for for Literacy and NCEA credits.


Courses will only run based on minimum entries

Selecting a course does not guarantee entry into this course

You may apply for an exemption if you do not meet the prerequisites of a course or if the course requires this for entry

Standards offered can be altered at the discretion of the HOF or HOD of the Department

Some standards in NCEA courses might be optional depending on student strengths 

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