Year 10 Business Finance and Enterprise

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs A. Singh

This course is divided into four units to provide students with an introduction to Financial Capabilities, Accounting, Business Studies and Economics. The students will develop their understanding of fundamental principles so if they wish to continue in these subjects at Year 11 and beyond they have understanding to build upon.

The Business Thinking Unit encourages students to develop their business skills. They study successful people and how to develop their own skills for success. Students gain practical experience in operating a business, creating a product and selling it at a market day. Students also study the Consumer Guarantees Act and the Fair Trading Act to gain awareness of their rights and responsibilities as consumers.

The Financial Capabilities Unit builds on understanding gained at Year 9. Topics covered include; banking, budgeting, student loans, flatting and Kiwisaver.

The Financial Management Unit introduces students to Accounting transactions, accurate record keeping, and how to communicate financial information to related individuals and groups.

The Economic Participation unit provides insight into the economic problem of scarcity, how price is determined and how suppliers are able to influence the price of their products in a market.


Level 1 Accounting, Level 1 Business Studies, Level 1 Economics

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