Level 2 Chinese

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Ms C. Song

The standards offered in this course may be altered at the discretion of the Head of Department.

This course aims to develop the students’ ability to communicate confidently in less familiar situations, extending their Chinese language base to cope with topics beyond their immediate personal life. Topics include home and school life in China, teenage life and future plans.

Course Overview

Term 1
After a brief revision of previous learning, the course will cover the topics on
-CV writing
-part-time jobs
-career plan
-job interview

Term 2
The topics will be covered in Term 2,
-community and facilities
-school and education in New Zealand and China
-using social media

Term 3
The topics will be covered,
-friends and friendship
-festivals and customs
Students will complete their internal assessment by the end of Term 3

Term 4
Students will focus on preparation for external examinations


Level 3 Chinese

Recommended Prior Learning

A minimum of 3 standards achieved in Level 1 Chinese (at least 2 in the Entrance Examination, plus 1 Internal Assessment Standard OR at least 2 Internal Assessment Standards plus 1 in the Entrance Examination).

Students wishing to take 12CHIN without taking 11CHIN must seek approval from the Teacher-in-Charge to be entered into this course.

Credit Information
Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91108 v3 Chinese 2.1 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken Chinese texts on familiar matters
A.S. 91110 v2 Chinese 2.2 - Give a spoken presentation in Chinese that communicates information, ideas and opinions
A.S. 91111 v3 Chinese 2.4 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of written and/or visual Chinese text(s) on familiar matters
A.S. 91112 v2 Chinese 2.5 - Write a variety of text types in Chinese to convey information, ideas, and opinions in genuine contexts
Total Credits

Total Credits Available: 19 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 10 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 9 credits.


Courses will only run based on minimum entries

Selecting a course does not guarantee entry into this course

You may apply for an exemption if you do not meet the prerequisites of a course or if the course requires this for entry

Standards offered can be altered at the discretion of the HOF or HOD of the Department

Some standards in NCEA courses might be optional depending on student strengths