Level 3 Spanish

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mrs M. Furtado

The standards offered in this course may be altered at the discretion of the Head of Department.

Students will explore the more significant issues of life and culture in the Spanish-speaking countries, and globally. This course promotes inquiry, comprehensive research, analysis and reflection. As students develop greater mastery of their language skills in Spanish, they will be encouraged to communicate their ideas and opinions accurately and with more fluency. This provides students with a very sound basis of Spanish for further studies at tertiary level and a career pathway.

Course Overview

Term 1
Society - A cultural overview - Spain and Latin America
Global Issues

Grammar: Review of all tenses
Formal commands and the Present Subjunctive

Term 2
Human Relationships - Social Behaviour
The Arts

Grammar: The Imperfect Subjunctive
The Passive Voice

Term 3
Technology and ethics
Environmental Issues

Term 4
Consolidation and Revision

Recommended Prior Learning

A minimum of 3 standards achieved in Level 2 Spanish


at least 2 in the Derived Grade "external" practice assessment(reading and listening), 

plus 1 Internal Assessment Standard 


at least 2 Internal Assessment Standards 

plus 1 in the Derived Grade "external" practice assessment (either reading or listening).

Credit Information

This course is eligible for subject endorsement.

This course is approved for University Entrance.

Internal or
L1 Literacy Credits UE Literacy Credits Numeracy Credits
A.S. 91568 v2 Spanish 3.1 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended spoken Spanish texts
A.S. 91569 v1 Spanish 3.2 - Give a clear spoken presentation in Spanish that communicates a critical response to stimulus material
Term: null, Week: null
A.S. 91571 v1 Spanish 3.4 - Demonstrate understanding of a variety of extended written and/or visual Spanish texts
A.S. 91572 v1 Spanish 3.5 - Write a variety of text types in clear Spanish to explore and justify varied ideas and perspectives
Term: 2020-06-14, Week: 2020-06-14
Term: null, Week: null
Total Credits
Approved subject for University Entrance

Number of credits that can be used for overall endorsement: 18

* Only students engaged in learning and achievement derived from Te Marautanga o Aotearoa are eligible to be awarded these subjects as part of the requirement for 14 credits in each of three subjects.

Total Credits Available: 18 credits.
Externally Assessed Credits: 10 credits.
Internally Assessed Credits: 8 credits.

Pathway Tags

translator, interpreter, lawyer, social worker, engineer, business or communications analyst, pilot, flight attendant, shipping agent, foreign affairs and trade employee, government employee, importer or exporter, immigration officer, immigration lawyer, police officer, investigator, banking administrator, researcher, librarian, anthropologist, journalist, advertising manager, event planner, writer, marketing manager, film and video editor, film maker, speech therapist, doctor, nurse, surgeon, care-giver, fashion designer, fashion model, teacher, lecturer, instructor, tourist guide, chef, waiter, restauranteur, hotel clerk, hotel manager, travel agent, professional sports player or coach.


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