Westlake Girls' High School Online Course Selection


Incoming Year 9 to 13 subject selections will be opened in Term 4 2023.

You will receive an email regarding this once it is open for you.  

More information about Year 9 courses can also be found on this page

2024 subject selection for current students in Years 9-12 has now closed. 

All current students will have individual course counseling in Term 4. This is a time when you can also manage any exemption requests. 

Our course structure has been designed to provide the widest possible flexibility in course choice, and should the need arise, provide opportunities for pursuing courses at more than one level in the same year. The courses cater to students who are planning to go to university, polytechnic, or other tertiary institutions or trades and also for students who are planning to enter the workforce at the end of Year 12 or Year 13.

Please note that most NCEA courses have recommendations in place to ensure success for learners.  Should a learner not meet the recommendations in place, either for achievement reasons (following their Entrance Examinations) or because they wish to take a new subject previously not studied, ākonga will need to have a conversation first with their classroom teacher about the suitability of taking a particular course and then and request permission from the HOF/HOD. 

Westlake Girls High School offers a range of career-related courses that complement our conventional subjects. These courses almost always offer Standards for one or more national qualifications. It is important to take advantage of the opportunities for advice that the school provides as you plan your courses for the coming year. Please visit the Careers Department and make an appointment to see Ms Woods, Ms Winstone, or Mrs James if you need help or advice in planning for your future.

The following information is designed to help you achieve your potential, reach your goals, and enjoy a successful year at Westlake Girls High School in Year 10, 11, 12, or 13.

Year 10 Student Requirements

Students must study 8 subjects:
English is compulsory
Mathematics and Statistics is compulsory
Science is compulsory
Social Studies is compulsory
Physical Education & Health is compulsory
And three more choices from a selection of Languages, Creative and Visual Arts, Business Studies, and Technology

(When you log in to make your subject selections, the compulsory courses will automatically be entered for you.  You can then make your own selections)

Year 11 Student Requirements

Students must study 6 subjects:
An English Course is compulsory
A Mathematics & Statistics Course is compulsory
A Science Course is compulsory

Three more subjects of your choice

(When you log in to make your selections, you will automatically be entered into 11ENGL, 11MATS, and 11SCIE. HOF/HODs will make any required changes later in the term.  Please speak with your teacher about which course would be the best place for you)

Year 12 Student Requirements

Students must study 6 subjects:
An English Course is compulsory
Five more subjects of your choice

(When you log in to make your selections, you will automatically be entered in 12ENGL)

Year 13 Student Requirements

Students must study 5 subjects, plus one study or six subjects if discussed and approved by deans/SLT.
Students intending to go to University should check the requirements as described on the NZQA website or in the University Entrance from the NCEA section of this booklet.

All students are required to choose a backup subject.

New Zealand Scholarship

Students who excel academically may also enter for a New Zealand Scholarship (as well as NCEA Level 2 or 3) in 1 or more subjects.
The content of the Scholarship course is determined by the department. In most cases, the scholarship sessions are taught before or after school.
All assessments are in the form of a Scholarship examination at the end of the year.

How to select your courses:

The steps to follow in selecting your subjects for next year are

1. Do your research on the subjects you might take, requirements for NCEA, and entrance to tertiary courses you may wish to enrol in. Talk to your teachers, Heads of Departments. Talk your subject choices over with family, family friends, work contacts, and anyone else who you think might have helpful advice for you. When making decisions, make sure you read the outline of the course so you know what to expect. 

2. Complete the online subject selection - please note, that selection does not necessarily guarantee that a place will be available or that a course will run.


House Deans:

Akoranga House: Mrs Katie Pearson and Ms Ashley Longstaff

Hauraki House: Miss Tayla Boyd and Miss Louise Clouston

Onewa House: Mrs Kate Lawrence and Ms Courtenay See

Pupuke House: Miss Rachel Carson and Mrs Hi Sung Son

Wairau House: Miss Elaine Xu and Ms Danielle Johnson