Scholarship Media Studies

Course Description

Current Year 12 and 13 Media Studies students who have demonstrated a strong interest in the subject and the ability to convey their ideas in a convincing and insightful manner in their written work are encouraged to extend themselves by sitting the Media Studies scholarship examination. 

The examination consists of three essays:

 Question One focuses on the relationship between media and society (industry, developments). 

Question Two focuses on a candidate’s own media production experience.

Question Three focuses on reading media texts (in which the students can write about a genre they’ve studied in class). 

The weekly Scholarship workshops provide students with context and content ideas for their examination, looking at ideas for topics, examining past examination papers and questions, looking at past exemplars, and strategising how best to approach each question in the exam. Students are encouraged to continue researching ideas at home, too, so that they can demonstrate their wide and varied knowledge of the topics, and stand out amongst other Media Studies students. Students are supplied with a booklet of readings, which they must work their way through during the year. The booklet provides them with vital information and options for providing evidence and making connections to the thoughts and opinions of media scholars and writers in their essays. The scholarship sessions are different from students’ day-to-day classes, in that they are more collaborative, and students are able to voice their ideas and opinions in a close-knit group setting that is more relaxed than their school classes. 


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