Why study Career Education?

There are many factors that will influence your decision about your future pathway. Developing self-awareness involves learning about your interests, strengths, skills and values. This will enable you to set goals, make plans, put these into effect and identify ways to meet challenges. Exploring opportunities is an important part of forming a Career Plan. It allows you to listen and talk to people about their career pathways and experience for yourself what further education or work might be like. Your transition from school will be made easier if you can make informed decisions based on your own research and experiences.

Career Education classes are flexible so that the needs of individual students can be met. Students study CV and cover letter writing, learn interview skills, communication, employment rights and responsibilities, completing complex forms and more.

Why study Child Development?

Child Development provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of the practical care that infants and young children need as they grow and develop. This is a school partnership programme provided by Plunket. This unit standard course is for students who are interested in working in the childcare sector as a childcare worker, Early Childhood teacher, Nanny or Kindergarten teacher.

Why study Travel and Tourism?

Tourism is one of the World’s largest industries and in New Zealand it is one of the fastest growing industries. A qualification in the travel arena offers a wide range of career opportunities. As technology and tourism evolve new types of jobs are being introduced all the time. In Travel and Tourism you will explore the different work roles within each sector of the industry and the skills and knowledge needed for these. You will develop your knowledge of Tourism Destinations and look at the social and cultural impacts of Tourism.
Studying Travel and Tourism could provide you with the foundation skills to kick start your new career.