Te Reo Māori

Why learn Māori?

The learning of the Māori language and culture for all citizens of New Zealand is important in relation to the social and cultural systems of the country and also in relation to the arts and tourism.

In 1987, Te Reo Māori became an official language of New Zealand. Young people who study Te Reo Māori will have available to them greater opportunities in their careers, especially as many agencies are seeking employees who demonstrate competence in Māori language and tikanga.

By learning Māori, students will develop or increase their awareness and appreciation of the central role the language, culture and heritage play in shaping and giving direction and meaning to life; broaden their employment options; learn to appreciate, understand, enjoy, and value Māori visual and performing arts; develop greater respect for a range of views and cultural practices, through greater understanding and to participate more fully as citizens of a country in which Māori is an official language.