Year 10 Mathematics & Statistics

Course Description

Teacher in Charge: Mr G. Atkinson

All students at Year 10 level must take Mathematics. Year 10 Mathematics covers Levels 4 to 6 of the New Zealand curriculum with the focus at Level 5. Students will be engaged in thinking mathematically and statistically in a range of meaningful contexts in order to learn skills that enable them to be successful participants in society.

There will be two to three extension classes. Students will be invited into these classes on the basis of their Year 9 performance.

All Year 10 courses will offer two NCEA Level 1 internally assessed standards. This will allow students to gain 4 Level 1 credits towards Level 1 Numeracy. The standards offered will be selected from the following three standards to meet the needs of students.
AS91026 Apply numeric reasoning in solving problems (4 credits)


Level 1 Mathematics & Statistics

Recommended Prior Learning

*COMPULSORY SUBJECT* An alternative course may be recommended for enrichment or extra support.


Courses will only run based on minimum entries

Selecting a course does not guarantee entry into this course

You may apply for an exemption if you do not meet the prerequisites of a course or if the course requires this for entry

Standards offered can be altered at the discretion of the HOF or HOD of the Department

Some standards in NCEA courses might be optional depending on student strengths