Mathematics & Statistics

Why study Mathematics and Statistics?

Skills in Mathematics are found in various activities in our life. We can hardly get through a day without using basic arithmetic skills, for example when we go shopping or measure distances. The use of Mathematics in our lives can be easily expanded to more complicated tasks such as budget planning and interest calculations.

Statistics, using Mathematics and data, analyses and evaluates social phenomena or claims in order to help people to have informed decisions or forecasts.

Mathematical concepts are used in many other subject areas, particularly in Science, Computer and Finance related disciplines. Those students who intend to continue in these areas often find Mathematics at university level to be a corequisite.

Apart from the numerical aspect, Mathematics is a subject of thought which pursues a logical chain of reasoning, by communicating in a precise manner based on an agreed system, such as axioms, in the process of demonstrating the validity of ideas on a mutually agreed base.

We offer a broad range of Mathematical skills and concepts in response to our students’ wide and varying interests or needs in Mathematics and Statistics. Our courses are designed to provide an opportunity for each student to be able to pursue Mathematics and Statistics at their desired level.