Year 9 Mathematics & Statistics

Course Description

All students at Year 9 level must take Mathematics. Year 9 Mathematics covers Levels 4 to 5 of the New Zealand curriculum with the focus at Level 4. Students will be engaged in thinking mathematically and statistically in a range of meaningful contexts in order to learn skills that enable them to be successful participants in society. Students in this course will be building knowledge about number, algebra, measurement, space, statistics, and probability, and drawing on the practices of mathematics and statistics.

 They will understand 

  • The world is full of patterns and structures that we use mathematics and statistics to understand.
  • The world is characterised by change and variation that we use mathematics and statistics to understand.
  • Mathematical and statistical logic and reasoning enable us to identify and explain relationships and to justify conclusions.
  • The interface between mātauranga Māori and mātauranga mathematics and statistics offers opportunities for insights that uphold the integrity of each knowledge system.
  • Mathematics and statistics have a continuous, evolving human history.

A graphics calculator will be essential for students taking senior Maths courses but a scientific calculator will be sufficient for year 9 and 10.

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9 Mathematics and Statistics


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