Year 9 STEAM Pathway

Course Description

The STEAM programme is a 2 year programme that offers students an integrated approach to learning. This Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics curriculum provides a pathway to deep learning that strengthens links between subjects providing opportunities through project-based learning, for students to become life-long learners, leaders and change-makers of the future. The STEAM programme aims at developing global competencies such as critical thinking, collaboration, communication, character, creativity and citizenship.

Science and Mathematics will be enriched with projects linking the two disciplines whilst English and Social Studies will strengthen written, oral and digital literacy, global appreciation and critical thinking.

Integrated into STEAM are four six-month courses that involve robotics, coding, electronics and design with projects that link into several learning areas. Students will be encouraged to be innovative and creative as they attempt to solve real-world problems.

Students wishing to apply for the STEAM programme are advised to complete the application form available through in the school's website. Selection for a limited number of places will be based on a range of data.

Recommended Prior Learning






Entry at HoD discretion. Students are required to complete an application.



Year 9 STEAM or at the discretion of the HoD with support of an application.

Level 2 ESTEAM


Open to all Year 11 and Year 12 students. 

As assessments are all at level 2,  students selecting this course must have a teacher recommendation.


Students automatically continue into Year 10 STEAM as this is a 2-year course. At the end of year 10.

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