Vision: To create a learning culture of curiosity which empowers learners to engage with the world

STEAM is an integrated approach to the teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, aimed at developing students’ skills in critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, innovation, communication, collaboration and entrepreneurship. STEAM programs are critical in producing well-rounded and well-grounded global citizens for the coming century by providing motivating, engaging and real-world contexts in which students can acquire and apply meaningful mathematical and scientific skills and understanding while becoming true agents of their own learning.

STEAM student quotes:

“STEAM boosted my imagination and helped me explore and strengthen my creative skills, transforming my passions into reality.”

"STEAM gives you opportunities to build skills, build ideas and learn things that will help you, not only in school, but with the wider world."

Students wishing to apply for the STEAM programme are advised to complete the application form in the enrolment pack. Selection for a limited number of places will be based on a range of data.