Scholarship Economics

Course Description

Students will use knowledge of micro-economic and macro-economic theory to produce and effectively communicate a sophisticated economic analysis in a contemporary New Zealand context.

Scholarship Performance Indicators

Students will demonstrate aspects of high level:

  • analysis and critical thinking
  • integration, synthesis, and application of highly developed knowledge, skills, and understanding to complex situations
  • logical development, precision and clarity of ideas.

Outstanding Scholarship Performance Indicators

In addition to the requirements for Scholarship, students will also demonstrate, in a sustained manner, aspects of: 

  • perception and insight 
  • sophisticated integration and abstraction 
  • independent reflection and extrapolation 
  • convincing communication.

Format of the Assessment

There is an examination that consists of 3 questions, all of which should be attempted. Questions may relate to either micro-economic theory or macro-economic theory. Resource materials, designed to assist candidates in developing their answers, will be provided for each question. Usually there is one question relating to Level 3 AS91399, AS91400 and AS91401, one question relating to Level 3 AS91402, and one question relating to Level 3 AS91403.

The curriculum examined will include the Economics achievement objectives up to and including Level 8 of the New Zealand Curriculum (i.e. including L1–L3 NCEA Economics achievement standards). A detailed understanding of all Level 2 standards is expected.

Recommended Prior Learning

Usually candidates that are successful have already gained Achievement with Excellence in both internal and external assessment in 12ECON. If you are unsure that you are a suitable candidate please consult with the HOD of Business Studies.


Courses will only run based on minimum entries

Selecting a course does not guarantee entry into this course

You may apply for an exemption if you do not meet the prerequisites of a course or if the course requires this for entry

Standards offered can be altered at the discretion of the HOF or HOD of the Department

Some standards in NCEA courses might be optional depending on student strengths