Social Science

Why study Social Sciences?

Social Sciences is a dynamic curriculum area that incorporates various humanities such as Social Studies, History, Psychology, Classical Studies and Geography.

Students in our subject area are encouraged to care about local, national and global issues that affect humanity. While celebrity gossip is interesting, there is much more beyond the tweets and other social media posts that dominate our newsfeeds. Students are given tools for evaluating the vast amounts of information that is part of the Digital Revolution and to be aware of what is happening around them. Inquiry skills, the ability to research effectively and communicate ideas both verbally and in a written form are also a vital part of this curriculum area.

Human civilisation spans millennia, and being aware of past events and people helps students understand the world they have inherited. Having no knowledge of what has come before us is akin to opening a book half way through – it makes the story very hard to follow and even trickier to plan for the future. Sustainability, the environment and the importance of our place in the world are also integral parts of Social Sciences. Students learn about the physical and cultural environments around them. They are given the opportunity to attend a wide variety of fieldtrips to explore and challenge themselves.

We live in a global village and Social Sciences plays an important role in helping our students navigate this complex and ever changing world.