Scholarship Statistics

Course Description

Scholarship Statistics offers students the opportunity to connect their understanding across the subject. Questions will be set in the areas of Statistical Investigation, Statistical Literacy, and Probability, all having real-life contexts. Individual questions may cover the content of more than one area. There will be an emphasis on data analysis and interpretation. Students will have the opportunity to develop their understanding of key concepts from AS 91582 Inference, AS 91583 Experiments and AS 91584 Statistical Reports that are not studied in the 13 Statistics course.

In the 3 hour scholarship exam, it is expected that all relevant working will be shown. The accuracy of calculated answers should be appropriate to the context of the question. Data sets with statistical output will be provided if appropriate to the question. Some questions will have minimal scaffolding, such that students will be expected to organise their own answers. Each of the four questions will graded on a scale from 0 -8 to give a possible total of 32 points for the examination.

At scholarship level students will demonstrate application of high-level statistical analysis and critical thinking, knowledge and skills, to complex situations. Shows logical development, precision and clarity of ideas. Usually scholarship students will score between 20 - 26 points out of 32.

Outstanding scholarship students will demonstrate in addition to the requirements of Scholarship, demonstration of perception and insight, sophisticated integration and abstraction of ideas, independent reflection and extrapolation, and convincing communication. Usually  outstanding scholarship students will score between 27 - 32 points out of 32. 


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