Physical Education & Health

Why study Physical Education?

Physical Education focuses on learning in, through and about movement. Students will reflect on the nature of wellbeing and how to promote it. They will explore movement for the purpose of human expression, pleasure, and the support and development of physical and social skills. Physical Education fosters critical thinking and helps students to understand the role and significance of physical activity for themselves, as individuals, and for the wider society.

Why study Outdoor Education?

Students who study Outdoor Education will engage in a range of learning experiences that move beyond the walls of the classroom. They will develop confidence in their own self-identity, develop a strong skill set in group work and leadership, and become connected to the environments and land which they explore. They will also gain knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that enable them to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while taking responsibility for the safety of self, the wider community and the environment.

Why study Health?

Students will explore the underlying health concepts through a range of topics. In the Junior school it is compulsory for students to participate in the Health course - they will develop their understanding around Identity, Body Image/Self Esteem, Sexuality, and Drugs/Nutrition through taking action. In the Senior school students cover Resilience, Sexuality, Adolescent and International Health issues, through to Ethical issues.