Career Education and Vocational Pathways

The Career Education Programme aims to assist students develop the skills, attitudes and understanding of how best to prepare for post-school options. The programme looks to enhance student career development through a series of processes:

  • Developing self-awareness
  • Exploring opportunities
  • Deciding and acting

The concept of lifelong learning through work and non-work roles, the necessity for flexibility and adaptability in a rapidly changing labour market, and the skills to cope and manage these changes are integrated into curriculum areas and career-related activities such as:

  • Assembly speakers
  • Visits from Tertiary providers
  • Westlake Combined Careers Expo
  • Subject Counselling interviews
  • Year 13 career planning interview
  • Tertiary Careers night
  • Katti programme for Maori students
  • Pilot programme for Pacific Island students
  • STAR courses
  • Gateway programme
  • Parent information evenings

    The Vocational Pathways can help you plan your journey. You can see how your credits are valued by industry and the types of study options and job opportunities available. You can use the Vocational Pathways to plan your career and study options by using the colour coded pathways, and easily see how your skills and interests relate to industry. Some useful research tools:

    • For more information on Vocational Pathways visit
    • For advice on different careers and tips visit
    • To find out where the job opportunities are go to Occupation Outlook 2018.
    • Check out your Vocational Profile on the NZQA website.

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