Level 1 Courses 2024

2024 marks the advent of the refreshed NCEA program that has been trialed in several schools (including WGHS) over the last two years.

Over that time, we have designed Year 9 to 11 courses to reflect curriculum changes and to ensure courses contain essential knowledge and skills in all subject areas. From 2024, NCEA assessments will fit where they are appropriate rather than being the driver of course design. This could mean that Level 1 assessments may be included in some Year 10 courses, and Level 2 assessments in some Year 11 courses. We expect that there will be a variety of scenarios across different subject areas.

Some of our students may attain the Level 1 qualification in Year 11, however, our focus will be on ensuring this cohort of students have gained the Literacy and Numeracy requirements for NCEA.  As well as this, we will be making sure we are preparing our students for their transition to tertiary education, vocational training, or the world of work. We must ensure that when each of our students walks out of the school gate for the last time they have the skills, knowledge, and quality of qualification to continue on a successful pathway.

Please look at individual courses for more information on what will be offered in terms of learning programs in level 1 2024.

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