Year 9 Subject Selection

Year 9 Student Requirements

Students study a range of subjects in Year 9 to give them a foundational understanding of the eight learning areas of the New Zealand Curriculum; The Arts, English, Mathematics,  Physical Education & Health, Social Sciences, Science, and Technology. Some subjects will be studied for a whole year, some for half a year, and others will be studied in a short rotation of approximately 10 weeks each. 

Compulsory full-year subjects in Year 9 are:

Mathematics & Statistics
Social Studies
Physical Education & Health

The compulsory termly rotation subjects in Year 9 are:

Visual Art
Financial Capabilities
Food Technology
Fabric Technology
Digital Technology

The optional termly rotation subjects in Year 9 are:

Dance OR Drama
Hard Material Technology OR Designs and Visual Communication (Graphics)

Year 9 students also study two languages for half a year each.  They include Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, and Te Reo Māori.  There is also the option of taking Te Reo Māori for a full year instead of doing two language options.