Level 1 Courses 2023

Level 1 Courses in 2023

As we transition to the new refreshed NCEA in 2024 where students will complete one internal and one external per course (10 credits only), we are aiming to reduce assessment for Level 1 courses in 2023 in preparation.  This means that most courses will offer as close to 14 credits as possible depending on the credits available in that particular subject.  The aim is to still allow students to obtain course endorsements (please see explanation below) while reducing over-assessment which is vital to the wellbeing of our ākonga and kaiako. 

Students will gain an endorsement for a course if, in a single school year, they achieve:

  • 14 or more credits at Achieved or Merit or Excellence, and
  • at least 3 of these credits from externally assessed standards and 3 credits from internally assessed standards. Note, that this does not apply to Physical Education.

A course endorsement is not a qualification. 

More information about course endorsements can be found here.

New NCEA Pilot Subjects

We have been selected to pilot the new NCEA Standards in both Visual Arts and Music at Level 1 in 2023 - both these courses will offer all standards totally 20 credits.